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Codec (AVI compression)

Preliminary note

Encoding/decoding tools, short codecs, are not browser plug-ins but work on operating system level. One can find them e.g. in Windows since version 95 in Start | Settings | System Controls | (Sounds and) Multimedia | (Hardware) Devices. In more current versions after Windows 2000 there might be a chance to find them in System Controls | Programs.

Caution: The appropriate codecs must be installed on the target computer the compressed AVIs should be replayed with, too. If the codec is installed, it will be shown as import/export filter in e.g. AVI-viewers (Save as ...).

Here two short and simple tests (less than 4 KB each) whether the codecs are available on your PC: Indeo?, DivX?. If it is successful, you will see an appropriate image.

By the way: The suffix avi (Audio Video Interleaved) just stands for a so-called container for video data with or without sound. The suffix only states »Here is a video« with no more detailed specification.


Intel Indeo 5.11

Enormous memory capacity demands are generated by AVIs, therefore one prefers to store them compressed. Indeo can save memory capacity up to about 90% with loss-accepting compression (typical setting 85% quality) without reducing image quality in a manner worth mentioning. One serious advantage is the incremental compression possibility. It is not an independent program or one to be called on, resp. Indeo can be downloaded at the given address for PC and Mac. Since Windows 2000 it is added to the installation CD, but does not come with Windows XP until SP1. For detailed information refer to

Indeo 5.11, former Intel, now at Ligos (has bought the rights). For info key in Indeo in the search field and scroll down to Indeo FAQ.
Or: Search in the whole depth of the Internet for the version appropriate to your operating system. For instance iv5setup.exe, the self-extracting installation program for Windows 95/98 and higher, size about 1.85 MB. Or check your Windows CD by installing Multimedia support. Maybe Indeo 5.11 is just included. For your convenience iv5setup.exe for Windows is available here at least.


DivX MPEG-4 video codec

Especially for captures from TV or VHS/DVD another compression variant exists, just a video codec like above: DivX compresses AVI files in a MPEG-4 format. It shows its advantages, typical for MPEG, in sequences with slight motion. Virtually the standard for AVIs in the Internet since version DivX ;-) 3.11 alpha. Media Player of Windows 7 already comes with DivX Codec. For detailed information and download source refer to

divx.com. There the installation program of the current version (Windows, Mac, Linux) is right to be found free of charge. (The high-speed camera samples of this site are compressed with an earlier, but smaller download version DivX 5.0.2 for Windows.)


High-speed camera sequences

Balloon burst
Bursting waterfilled balloon

Earn more insight into the world of high-speed cameras here than this short sample is able to offer. Besides you will find more info about high-speed imaging, links, and a lot of images and animated video sequences (JPEG, GIF, AVI) for download.

High-speed imaging:


Image on the left: High-speed camera shot out of [SloMo Clips]. Recording speed 1 000 frames/sec, original size 512 x 512 pixel.

And here you will find the program AVI2BLD / BLD2AVI to convert SpeedCam BLD files in AVIs, to modify them and to cut them in single frames.
(Under Weinberger-Service.com/Download you can download the Visart Media Player for later SpeedCam Visario VRAW files.)


Video edit programs


Evidently the program was originally designed as part of Microsoft's Video for Windows 1.1 operating under Windows 3.1. But it works with later Windows version as well. VidEdit! can be used to view and edit AVI sequences: Cut, append and insert parts of sequences, change format, resolution and replay speed, crop an image area through the entire sequence, ... Besides scanning and grabbing. For detailed information refer to e.g.

http://cas.bellarmine.edu/tietjen/Animal Behavior/videdit_tutorial.htm for installation files and additional explanation to the program and tutorial.


Gromada VideoMach and converters

Each of the programs runs under Windows 3.11 and higher. With VideoMach and converters one can filter, cut, insert and convert AVI sequences in many different formats. Former FMP - (Fast Movie Processor) operates as viewer with cutting capability. For detailed information refer to



AVI and other viewers

Windows 95/98 Media Replay and ActiveMovie

Even already Windows 95 and Windows 98 include an AVI player (Media Replay and ActiveMovie, resp.). Media Replay and ActiveMovie can be used to play AVI files and especially to view cuts, endless loops of them, ... as with a video recorder. (The latter is not possible with the Media Player.) Various graphic formats like *.bmp, *.gif and *.jpeg are supported. Just check it out and key in C:\WINDOWS\RUNDLL32.EXE amovie.ocx,RunDll at Start | Compute.

Usually one reaches the program over Start | Programs | Accessories | Entertainment Media | Media Playback. One will be able to install it later from the Windows original CD with Start | Settings | System Control | Software | Windows Setup | Multimedia | Media Replay.



Extreme versatile but small freeware program. Just an image and AVI viewer and converter. IrfanView can be used to play AVI files, to extract single frames and to import and export and put together again rather all other graphic formats. For detailed information refer to

IrfanView home page; the ZIP size is clearly smaller than 1 MB.


FairPlay Utilius

Enjoy the small free (demo) AVI MediaPlayer for Windows, which does not need an install routine. The special feature of FairPlay is the synchronous replay of two videos with individual selectable offset. One can open and run the program several times parallel, can select replay speeds, can set marks for loops, ... For detailed information refer to

www.ccc-software.de; the file size is less than 1 MB.


Media Player Classic and Media Player Classic - Home Cinema 32 / 64 Bit

Exciting freeware player in Windows Mediaplayer 6.4 look, but with a rather extended amount of functions for Windows XP and above. And if it is just the possibility to replay several videos simultaneously, ...For detailed information refer to

Media Player Classic; the file size is about 2 MB and there is no need for an installation.

32 and 64 Bit version of Media Player Classic - Home Cinema for even more Video formats.




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