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Best with JavaScript

Exchange - forced switching between both language versions using JavaScript. The corresponding site status will be reconstructed: Both current frames are simultaneously changed what may affect the back function of your browser. If you ever happen to meet with the wrong language version anywhere - just click on the suitable button. (Each current version is shown first in the pilot column.) If this is not successful, then completely reload the home page with the [HOME] button and select your language right from the beginning.


JavaScript optimiert

Die zwangsweise Umschaltung zwischen den beiden Sprachversionen mit JavaScript. Der entsprechende Site-Status wird dabei wieder hergestellt: Es werden gleichzeitig beide aktuellen Rahmen angepasst, was die Zurück-Funktion des Browsers nicht unbeeindruckt lässt. Wenn Sie also irgendwann und irgendwo auf die falsche Sprachversion stoßen sollten - einfach den passenden Knopf anklicken. (Der Knopf der jeweils aktuellen Version steht zuerst in der Lotsen-Spalte.) Wenn's nicht hilft, dann eben mit dem [HOME] Knopf die Homepage nochmals neu laden und von Beginn an die richtige Sprache wählen.


Search and find

Site Map

Endeavor for a grasp? If you feel like »lost in hyperspace« and you are needing an overview of the contents, then click on the [Site Map] button. There you will find a tree diagram to obtain an idea of the structure and of the topics of the site.

In newer browsers, especially with frame capability, this button is in the upper left corner of the site (exact: at the first position of the navigation column), thus you needn't make usage of this frame here.



Examine: If you want to search for key words in the site (even in the text) exclusively, then make use of the site's own search engine.



Navigation buttons

JavaScript (the Internet Explorer of Microsoft falsifies it as »Active Scripting«) is used to support navigation. If JavaScript and/or images are deactivated, considerable disadvantageous effects will occur, however, the single frames will be accessible so far. The site is designed for working either with or without JavaScript. Without JavaScript click then on the labels below the buttons please.

The buttons on the individual pages will lead through the related topic. With [TOUR] you are on the guided tour, with [MORE] you will be directed to a sup page. With [BACK] you will be redirected to the main side of the topic. The internal [Link]s integrated in the text will lead you to selected chapters directly.


Back from the sub page to the page with basic info


Marks the end of each page and just leads to its top again


Goes ahead to a sub page with more about the subject


A guided tour through the essential pages of a topic



One gets to another topic by using the Site Map page or, preferred, by clicking on a button in the left

<-- pilot column


Frame set and home page

Each single page is part of the frame set as follows. The current page is emphasized in the header line with [bold] brackets.
Only the extra pages for images and sequences are realized as pop-up windows outside the frame set.

Select buttons for the main frames and tools
(pilot frame)

Pages correlated to the topic



of the selected



File name and navigation

The frame sizes can be changed, i.e. you can move their borders.

An easy trick to achieve a suitable site status again, e.g. if the languages are mixed or an unsuitable select menu appears: Just click on one of the language select buttons or on the »reload button« at the top of each main frame.

With that one can elegantly refresh the current page/frame, too, e.g. if one has used the back button of the browser. (It just reloads the last frame and not the complete action, which e.g. has changed two frames.)


The frame set will automatically be re-loaded by JavaScript, if it isn't already open. Of course, the pop-up blocker can stop this attempt.

Otherwise one loads the frame set with the button on the left. This might influence the History function of your browser, but it will allow you a new start, if you totally lost your way or if you made an edgewise approach to the site.
There in [Status] one finds more info about best browser, recommended resolution and releases as well.


Hint to replay the high-speed camera sequences


Essential for viewing the given sequences: You need either the (Intel) Indeo 5.x codec or the DivX 5.0.2 codec. At least they are available for Windows 95/98 to XP and MacOS. Just download one, do the setup and then you can already view the AVIs. By the way: The DivX files are smaller than the Indeo ones. The latter, however, is included in the Windows 2000 installation. DivX is part of the installation of newer Windows releases.

More about the topics AVI player and codec (and download sources as well) you will find in the download center [D-Load] of this site, refer to the button on the right.


External and internal links

External links are marked with blue font and underlining as usual. Often the URLs are written in plain text.
Internal links, if not already marked with symbolic buttons, are highlighted in the continuous text by additional square brackets.


Errors and error messages

Eradicated!? I am far away to claim the site to be perfect. But I suppose meanwhile it is somewhat free of severe faults for newer browsers with CSS capability like Mozilla Firefox 0.9.1, Opera 7.x and Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 and higher and comparable browsers as well.
Nevertheless if errors frequently occur, something with the according host might temporarily be wrong or you click too fast. Therefore try to reload the home page one more time. And: patience! (www stands also for world wide waiting ;-)
Otherwise you will find the second source URLs of the mirrors and of the advertising free original (fen-net.de) on the [Status] page.

Of course, any qualified feed-back and error description is highly appreciated.


In general

Due to compatibility reasons (operation with/without JavaScript) each frame is loaded in both ways, with a HTML and with a JavaScript command (so in real twice). Besides two frames can be changed simultaneously. That can make appear the back and forth buttons of the browsers to work not in the used way.


Known bugs

Netscape 4.7 and browsers of the 4th generation of other suppliers

Due to the enhanced usage of CSS under XHTML 1.0 massive problems occur. These browsers are not recommended any longer. It is really time to update your browser.

Internet Explorer 5.5

Commands for limiting the width of areas and frames, resp., are ignored. Workaround: use the scroll bars to pull the site to an appropriate size.
Middle position does not work yet. Workaround: change to a more current browser.
JavaScript execution is stopped due to faults. Especially the button fields do not start a link then. Workaround: click on the inscriptions below the buttons.

Internet Explorer 6.0 - 8.0

Commands for limiting the width of areas and frames, resp., are partly ignored. Workaround: use the scroll bars to pull the site to an appropriate size.

Internet Explorer 7.0 - 9.0

Navigation supporting JavaScript can be switched off by default. Workaround: switch on JavaScript or get by with clicking on the labels under the buttons.
Sometimes problems when displaying animated GIFs. Workaround: none; ignore.

Internet Explorer 9.0

Shows problems when displaying listings with images at the left margin. Workaround: none; ignore.

Firefox 2.0 - 9.0.1


Opera 7.51

Even now and then the control buttons aren't displayed. Workaround: cruise over the area of interest until the button is displayed.

Opera 8.0 - 8.5

The labels under the buttons do not change their colors during the mouse is moving over. Workaround: none; ignore.

Opera 9.0 - 11.52

The [TOP] button on the navigation column (Pilot) does not make the page jump to the top. Workaround: use the slider of the browser.

Opera 11.60

Minor problems when displaying listings with images at the left margin. Workaround: none; ignore.

Opera 11.61

The [TOP] button on the navigation column (Pilot) does not make the page jump to the top. Workaround: use the slider of the browser.

Minor problems when displaying listings with images at the left margin. Workaround: none; ignore.




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