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Not all, but quite a few about High-speed Imaging (Super/Ultra Slow Motion, high-speed camera). The various techniques are briefly shown and the different camera types and their fields of operation are presented. Including eleven sub pages accessible from there.


Link collection to manufacturers and users of high-speed cameras and other high-speed imaging samples and background info located in the Internet as well.


Answers to frequently asked questions about high-speed cameras, something about how to use and a small selection guide. How it works, where to use such a camera, what are the costs, ...


General information about CCD and CMOS sensors inclusive comparison, functional principles, sensor techniques, color filter patterns, aliasing, spectral sensitivity, color recovery, formats, optics, focal distance expansion (crop factor), microlenses, back side illumination (BSI), ...


Tips for illumination, exposure, aperture and shutter, dynamics, depth of field, evaluation, synchronization, triggering, remote control, ...


Technical data, explanations and technical progress based on the digital high-speed camera systems SpeedCam.


High-speed camera clips - numerous sample sequences of SpeedCam in AVI format, DivX and Indeo compressed. Also some GIFs and JPEGs.


Interior of the HYCAM high-speed film camera in cross-sectional figure with explanation.


Why does illumination flicker in movie sequences? And why does the (counterrotating) coach wheel effect happen? The Nyquist-Shannon-Kotelnikov theorem.


Focal length calculator for format filling shots and distances. Including equations for various sets, e.g. linear movement, rotation, motion blur, ...


A small trigger impulse adjustment circuit for e.g. delay, phase shift, level shift, pulse duration, ...


Detailed illustrations about image memory and data transmission of digital high-speed cameras, interlaced/progressive scan, ...



Brings cycle fun and some links especially for other interesting vehicles. Including two sub pages accessible from there.


A couple of tips for trips around Nuremberg and in the region especially for recumbent and tours.


Some special tips for cycling round Nuremberg. MTB tours, where to find potable water and cycle track and route news.



Gives impressions of the 125th anniversary of the Pegnitztalbahn (Engl.: Pegnitz Valley Railway) on July 13th/14th, 2002 along the line between Nuremberg and Bayreuth. Including three sub page accessible from there.


Four weeks on wheels with the Tramper Monthly Season Ticket.


Some insights into the current (eternal) planning of my model railway.


Some own snapshots of the festival 125 Years Pegnitztalbahn.



Shows some self-made photos I like. Including two sub page accessible from there.


What happens during color masking of a former monochrome sensor.


How to heat well with light sources.



Press Any-key and enjoy any things appear: mainly some funny items and odd things. Including three sub pages accessible from there.


now - ohhh! Presented by Status Quo & Bundeswehr (Beware of war?). My private Army-geddon.


International diplomacy - An extract of Jean Giraudoux's play No war in Troy (or Tiger At The Gates, original La Guerre de Troie n'aura pas lieu, Engl.: The Trojan War won't happen).


What's coming up in my mind, thus some marginal notes.


Anny D

Offers photos, info, short reading rehearsals and links to the French actress and author Anny Duperey. Including three sub pages accessible from there.


Info about her career gathered from various sources.


Even more images (screenshots and links) of the »flame«.


Anny Place, Anny Where, Anny Time: Anny Duperey comes alive.



Shows a cross-section of the zoo at home, the Animal Farm. Including two sub pages accessible from there.


Living with and loving cats.


Animal stories in the nearer wild.



Lists what else of interesting items (at least for me) have been coming under my eyes in the web. Bundled links with a short summary at the head.



Informs about useful downloads for AVI recordings (especially for the high-speed sequences on this site) and lists links to them or directly makes them available for downloading.



Presents the pin board, leads to the guest book and to the blog. I appreciate any useful comment about the site. (So make up your mind. It won't definitely hurt you ;-)




Finally provides a little bit about me (what the world is probably waiting for ;-).


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I hope it offers help for using the site. Some tips and troubleshooting around structure and function of this frame set and its navigation.



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Prepares an e-mail to my humble being.



Statistic and administrative info like release history, counter and disclaimer (imprint).




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