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WP's block diagram of the HYCAM rotating prism high-speed camera


Technical data

Evinced specs: 10 000 frames/sec on 16 mm film, 48 000 frames/sec in 1/4-format

Block diagramm high-speed camera HYCAM
Rotating prism high-speed camera HYCAM


1)   object lens
2)   field stop (image size limiter)
3)   rotating segment shutter
4)   1st field lens
5)   1st prism
6)   8-plane compensation prism
7)   2nd field lens
8)   2nd prism
9)   intermediate lens
10) U (reverse) prism
11) image (film used as screen)
12) prism
13) ocular (view finder)
14) synchronized gear drive


Film: 16 mm; glass: lenses and prisms; rotating parts: segment shutter, compensation prism, film transport; mechanics: lens holders, guiding rollers



Exact rotation of segment shutter and compensation prism and also transport of film are synchronized. Thus the shutter defines the time of exposure of each frame, while the compensation prism feeds the image according to the continuously spooled film to avoid motion blur/defocussing. Because this feeding is not always perfect concerning time and especially location the sequences may show a certain jitter from frame to frame.
The film is used as screen for the ocular, so one gets some kind of SLR (single-lens reflection) feeling without parallax effects.




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