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Evidently many high-speed camera systems use OEM materials of a couple of manufacturers. That's valid for film and CCD/CMOS systems. Especially in industrial digital high-speed camera systems the former PB-MV13 sensor of Photobit, owned by Micron and recently by Aptina as MT9M413C36STC/M (and its successors), is a very common sight. It is easy to identify its specification behind the system descriptions. Also one can find the Fillfactory/Cypress Lupa 1300 and its successors (... -2). Only a few companies are able to develop their own cameras/sensors.
By the way: Often the companies offer a more or less broad mixture of systems and equipment - not only either film or sensor cameras.

Here only an incomplete, non-exhausting and not representative list. Just one selection criterion has been whether some sample sequences or photos are shown. There is no validation of corresponding appliances related with, not in the least.) Of course, one will find more, if one searches with "high-speed photography", "high-speed camera" or comparable terms in the Internet.
But here the present highlight: the Trillion Fps Camera, MIT.


High-speed photography


Crash sled
Do-it-yourself crash: with 50 km/h (ca. 31 mph) against the wall


Manufacturers and service providers


High-speed film and video


CMOS wafer and sensor
CAM 2000 CMOS APS sensor
with over 100 000 frames/sec




Service providers


Manufacturers (often service providers, too)

High-Speed cameras
Four decades high-speed cameras

High-speed film cameras


CCD and CMOS high-speed cameras


The big names for professional high-end applications


Software for control and motion analysis of/with high-speed cameras

Motion tracker 2D-Analyze for high-speed cameras
Trajectory evaluation: translation, rotation,
velocity, acceleration and stick-figure animation


Consumer high-speed cameras




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