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My jobs

Business Card

Experiment by do it yourself, it's me, indeed: On a crash test sled
against a rigid barrier simulating a frontal crash at about 50 km/h (approx. 31 mph).

Crash sled
Whomm - against the wall! (by Hendrik Sch.)


Slow Motion - some info about
high-speed cameras:





Walter Preiß

(Nice Price; »ß« = »ss« or »sz« ;-)

Development * System Engineering * Project Management * Technical Sales

Pyritte RS
Fraunhofer Gesellschaft / Intego: Pyritte RS

Reflection supported pyrometric interferometry - Optical In Situ measurement system for film thickness and temperature determination in semiconductor processing.
Details: Intego (prototypes produced at Mikromak)

CMOS wafer and sensor
CAM 2000 megapixel sensor


PTS / IVT: Vipro 7LS

Former Grundig-PTS, now IVT: AOI - Automated optical lead inspection system for large-scale serial manufacture.


My hobbies

Every now and then there are good ice conditions during wintertime. Then I draw my circles skating on the Birkensee (east of Nuremberg, Germany). For pair skating with Katarina Witt it won't do by far, but what counts is the Olympic spirit: Join in is everything.
(By the way: The Birch Tree Lake is also famous for its nudism beach - in summer naturally! - But then I am usually on tour with my bike.)


Litter box pyramid with plexiglass
Different wastepaper bin

And if the weather is still too lousy, I'll sit in front of this box.



Well, I intend to rebuild my model railway in real grand style just sometime.



Else I am bound up with nature. Especially I take an interest in the behavior of animals in human environment.
Well, long ago I wanted to become an animal scientist, emphasis behavioral science.


What else meets my interest? - Of course - the big railway, aeronautics and astronautics, tall sailing vessels, science fiction, ...



Design lights
Light workshop

I am an »eye-guided person«. However with limited artistic approach only:
Light has a certain fascination for me since ever, therefore now and then I moreover create lamps, lights, spots, and so on.


Like here made of wood and plexiglass wastes of a litter box constructed in a pyramid stump shaped style. Well, a lot of triangular spare pieces remain, and then sometime during cleaning up one has the striking idea...

Or out of an empty shampoo bottle just looking too good to be thrown away. The shade made of plexiglass, varnished on both sides with fluorescent paint, shows interesting effects together with the black light. And especially afterwards!



One of my favorite recreational activities - not for sports, but just for fun (providing much space for thinking - over me, the world and the rest of the universe...):
Because if the finest thing of cycling is taking a shower after it, one has done something wrong. To enjoy nature is in the foreground.

(Guys who must be the fastest all the time should not go to the fitness studio, but just to the psychiatrist - the trick cyclist ;-)

It has something of »master of time and space«, after one has climbed up a ridge and discovers a castle, a peak or another marked point and then make a more or less cross-country approach: »It is mine!«.


My way


Post BMW
Post BMW (by Frank P.)

Engaged in making me popular once more:
Together with Peter converting Jock's (German) post yellow BMW 320 into a stagecoach. Jock surprisingly appreciated the somehow professional design and let the stickers where they were often been asked whether he is bringing express post.
University Erlangen south area, underground car park, late 1980s.

Better to lose a good friend than to give away a point.

(H. Sienkiewicz in Quo Vadis, or is it from Oscar Wilde or even from the Old Romans?)


Head CT
Bio image sensor with central processing unit

Well, don't miss to risk a glance at my black soul, press ...


Deep insight (by Dr. dent. D. D.)

And here just a look in my deepest interior:
I still have one milk tooth, not only poison fangs.
The wisdom teeth tilt by 90° are all out already.

And on the right the in between.
What makes me work.


Anny D

Elicited! - The dream woman, at least under heavy suspicion: »She would have been it!« Quotation of somebody knowing me rather well.
(Well, she already knows of her luck - at least she can work it out. Some moment of weakness of mine... ;-)




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