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Enjoy the 125th Anniversary of the Pegnitztal Railway 1877 - 2002 on July 13th/14th 2002

Steam lokos
Numerous visitors welcomed the first special train
in Rückersdorf on Saturday morning.

(Me, too - 670 KB ;-)


Already a part of history as well:
ICE TD, BR 605

Event organizer was IGE Bahntouristik (www.bahntouristik.de). Additionally shooting for episode 463 of the SWR TV serial Eisenbahnromantik (Engl.: Railway Romanticism) was done. Here a selection of some official photos out of it. And here some snapshots by my own: [Rails Peg.].

The book about the line: Züge - Brücken - Tunnels, Herbert Hieke, Manfred Gerschütz, Heimat- und Geschichtsverein Neunkirchen am Sand, 2002, ISBN 3-00009731-7.

Before the Second World War the double-tracked line, a part of the connection between Nuremberg - Schnabelwaid/Bayreuth - Eger (Cheb), was an important European main line. So e.g. the Ostende-Karlsbad-Express, the London/Calais-Paris-Karlsbad and Prague Express and the express trains Paris - Warsaw, Warsaw - Zurich and inner-German express trains between Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Dresden, Berlin used the Pegnitz valley north east of Nuremberg.

With the end of the iron curtain and the reunion of Germany the line has been stimulated again, there are InterCity, EuroCity and ICE relations to Berlin and Prague. Although the line is not yet electrified 29 bridges over the Pegnitz, 7 tunnels and several viaducts, most of them just in an 11 km long section, permit a relative straight line and high velocities on this perhaps most beautiful line in Northern Bavaria.

So a lot of heavy traffic presents itself on the line, refer to the images on the left. I've pocketed them just by opportunity.

A few more own railway photos you'll find here:


Even the famous tunnel view through four tunnels, the Schiefe Ebene (Engl.: sloping plain; incline) at Neuenmarkt-Wirsberg and the Deutsche Dampflok Museum DDM (Engl.: German Steam Locomotive Museum) are situated at the line or, however, at least close up in the vicinity at a branch line, too.

Many line photos are shown in the Eisenbahn-Kurier special issue ek special 4 2/86 celebrating the 150th Anniversary of German railway in 1985. (In parts it is in English.)


Enjoy the Railway Tour,
more than 20 000 km (12 500 miles) in four weeks:


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